What I Have Learned During Quarantine…

During quarantine, I have learned so many things, so I decided to lay them all out in for you one blog post.

#1. Graphic Designing
During quarantine, I have picked up the skill of graphic designing. It all started when I saw that I had a creative side in digital work. I had always loved making Spotify Playlist Covers and YouTube Thumbnails, so I decided to use a graphic designing platform to do it.

My dad, the great person he is, told me that he was willing to pay for the Adobe Student Plan that included all of their digital platforms, but after seeing the price he decided that I should experiment with a couple of different platforms first in case that I lose interest in it.

After finding a free alternative than Adobe, I found a graphic designing platform called Pixlr. Pixlr is an amazing website and let me tell you, I was not paid to say this, but Pixlr is amazing. I love using it and I am very comfortable using.

Here are some of my designs, you can see more on my website imadripdesign.wordpress.com, or with the hashtag #imadripdesign on Instagram after following me on Instagram @thisismarkandrew.

#2. Guitar
During quarantine, I have also picked up guitar. Guitar is an amazing instrument to play and it is very easy. You can check out my Perfect video right now down below.

#3 Driving
I have finally started to drive. My dad decided to start by teaching me how to park our Hyundai Kona in our garage and I love it!!!. You can read more about my driving experience on my dad’s blog by clicking here.

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